Thursday, May 30, 2013

Appointment Setting With New Management

It sounds both unprecedented and uneasy when you think about how appointment settingis affected by new management. This is not just about targeting old prospect companies that suddenly had a few promotions underway. It also means conducting your appointment setting campaigns when you have made some changes to your own cleaning company’s hierarchy! Worse still, what if you end up with both at the same time?  

Keeping Appointment Setting Under Control Despite New Control


Enchanted Tiki Room Under New ManagementCompanies like in the commercial cleaning business are concerned about management for a lot of good reasons. It is why it is important for such companies to generate cleaning leads so that they really get to know who is in charge prior to any appointment setting. The feeling is also mutual. People bring their maintenance and sanitation concerns to your attention because you have the resources to manage the necessary workforce.   So what happens when both your management is new and then followed by an old prospect who has suddenly undergone the same change? Are both of you still go for any appointment setting? Well first off, try to divide this scenario into two and learn how to handle it from the way they merge back into one.  

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  • Appointment setting with your own new management – The natural response of prospects would be one of curiosity. Even if it does not sound much of a big deal for them, your B2B appointment setting strategy hinges upon how they kindly to anything the new leaders of your company plan to implement. You can also use appointment setting as a means to letting the new management understand what old customers still want. 
  • Appointment setting those under new management – Prospects under new management will have similar changes already mentioned. The difference is in the direction the conversation goes. You would need your appointment setting tools to really pay attention to what your prospect company’s new leaders expect, no matter how long your company has been doing business with theirs.
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  • Appointment setting with both scenarios combined – The result is surprising: They do not know much about you and neither you them. The only thing you both know is that both your predecessors met in a previous appointment setting campaign. Other than that, the best course of action would be to renew the relationship but also treat them as an entirely new prospect.
With regards to the combined scenario, all of them use appointment setting strategies and tactics towards one purpose: maintaining business relationships. These are old prospects under new leadership sure but remember that your cleaning sales leads have always meant for making relationships and keeping businesses on good terms.  


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