Tuesday, June 5, 2012

 Is Your B2B Lead Generation Ready for Outsourcing?

Many firms in UK before have hated outsourcing with a vengeance.  For one, they have lost managerial control over their activities and two because of quality problems.  But over the past years, some, if not all firms there, have changed their way of thinking and have learned to embrace outsourcing instead.  Why?  Luckily because they've realized that they needed to increase their markets and their profits and they've found out that outsourcing is the only feasible way to do this.
In most cases,  they outsource their b2b lead generation campaign. They hand it over to private sectors like call centres to generate streams of b2b leads for their business.  Their desire for this  is driven by the acknowledgment that  'they need to reach the exact people' and 'they tried building a lead generation team themselves and haven’t been successful.’ 
Actually there are 7 powerful reasons why they consider outsourcing good to their b2b lead generation.  What are these?They are enumerated as follows:

  • Outsourcing is time-saving.  They outsource their b2b lead generation for it saves them plenty of time. Unlike with working in traditional marketing scheme such as involving a TV commercial which is time consuming, outsourcing enables them to find good leads in shorter length of time.
  • Outsourcing is cost- effective.  When they hire a company to help them in their lead generation, it can help them find good b2b leads in a more cost-effective way. As compared with other marketing campaigns such as television commercials, this is a lot cheaper.  
  • Outsourcing provides great leads.  The companies they outsource to can provide greater chances of delivering quality leads because they can search through thousands of different criteria. They have their modern technologies to search by region, zip codes, industry and names or whatever it is that their business looks for.
  • Outsourcing delivers consistency.  In what way?Outsourcing companies employ only the best and professionally trained people to deliver quality leads. They have the capacity to qualify leads, keep them accurate and up-to-date and store them in a database.
  • Outsourcing gives improved results.  The companies they hire serve better strategies that can be used for scheduling leads and appointments, delivering better leads at a much lower cost with reduced risk and maintaining productivity of staff.
  • Outsourcing provides expertise. These companies are specialized and are better in generating leads.  They have the expertise, reliable set-up and the like that they need for their business.  
  • Outsourcing allows flexibility.  Outsourced companies provides them the opportunity of increased flexibility, this means that they have more control over the number of people who will take care of their lead generation campaign. It would be easier for them to handle sales staff when it is outsourced.
Nothing can offer these kind of benefits aside from outsourcing.  Although at first these UK firms have had a hard time delegating their lead generation campaign to a total stranger, yet seeing these benefits made them to hire an outsourcing company.   So if you are like them too and looking for those extra hands to help you in your lead generation, make yourself ready for outsourcing.


Faith said...

Indeed many companies today prefer outsourced small business lead generation services over in-house resources because these services are proven to deliver better sales leads. This in turn reduces cost and risk and paves the way for improved business growth. Additionally, availing such services means reduced time to market, enhanced sales leads conversion rate and greater return on investment.

Nani Eng said...

Nice info. Yes B2B can be done by outsourcing for advantageous results in business development.Lead Generation

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