Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Importance of Lead Nurturing

Have you ever answered a call and got a message like this?

“Hi, this is ----, we are currently in the neighborhood and we do free estimates on getting your living room repainted from top to bottom. How does 10am on next Tuesday sound?”

If you ever got a message like that on the phone, I'm sure you won't continue the conversation any further and just hang up the phone; or if you ever continue, I'm sure you would get so frustrated at the telesales agent and complain a lot before hanging up the phone.

What b2b lead generation and appointment setting firms focus more and more each day is that they should nurture their leads. This is because lead nurturing can help improve leads to be converted into loyal company customers over time. When a business would nurture their leads with the right kind of lead management tools and training, sales revenue can increase significantly by around 10% or even more. Not only can lead nurturing increase the sales for your company or business organization but it can also help build a trusted relationship with those leads.

With the wrong kind of nurturing, leads and customers alike would feel being trapped into a corner by hardcore salesmen. These salesmen would ask questions that can be so intrusive to their potential customers that it can get so frustrating just listening to them. Prospects need to be taken care of and should be treated with the right kind of respect. Always remember that if you want respect, you should be the person to give it first.

Now, let's tweak that same message a bit and let's see the difference.

“Good day, this is ---- Are you in need of repainting your living room so that it would be the envy of all your friends? If so, we might be able to help you in your time of need. We are a group of experts who paint living rooms and have extensive knowledge on how to turn your living room into the best living room that can be seen in your neighborhood. We can also do free estimates for you to help you decide on which design would be perfect for your living room. When would be the best time to contact you again to set the appointment date?”

This time, the person selling you the service is more polite and knows how to respect their potential client. The main difference here is the level of respect and the questions that they ask. On the second message, the question to make the appointed date was neither intrusive nor rude. Instead, it gave you as their potential client the freedom and flexibility to choose which would be the most appropriate date for your living room to be repainted. The key here is that they are not trying to sell you the service, instead they are there to provide you with insights and solutions within the realm of their expertise.

Customers have the right to choose whether or not to purchase a particular product or service. You don't have to be coerced into buying what you don't really need.

When a business nurtures its leads, they can already be seen as experts and professionals in what they do. The build-up of trust would then be converted from a possibility to a reality when the right kind of nurturing is involved. With this kind of sales technique, both the salesperson and the client alike can both feel good about themselves. For the salesperson they feel good about what they offer and for the client, they feel good about what they have purchased.


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