Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tell Your Telemarketing Agents About Your Social Media Activities

Just because your telemarketing provider does not come with additional social marketing resources does not mean they are unfamiliar with the subject. Furthermore, they are not ignorant of the possibility that some prospects can be found as the result of social media activity.

On the flip side though, you need to make sure your social marketing campaigns are supplemented with telemarketing and other channels to really drive your prospect deeper into the sales process. That's why if you outsourced it, you need to know how both forms connect.
  • Step 1 – Get information: This is where social media marketing comes first. The advantage of using social media is that you get to actively interact with both your prospects as well as others in the same business as yours. If it has become a powerful information tool for regular consumers, both B2B companies and their customers just amplify it further for information-dependent processes like appointment setting. You get to know about what your market wants and familiarize yourself with each individual prospect as well. There's also the simple benefit of people posting requests for B2B services and products. 
  • Step 2 – Use and share information: After getting the data, now would be the time to inform your telemarketers about who they are contacting. You do not just give them a number, an address, and several names. This is where you should let them know about previous social media interactions with your prospect. It helps them familiarize with your potential clients and can also prove useful when they start approaching them using their own tools and methods. 
  • Step 3 – Telling them what to say: Despite how your business has personally interacted with those on social networks, you are still leaving the actual calls to another party. Granted, there are good reasons to. You have to budget your own time for managing slots and actually working on projects with current customers. That's one benefit of outsourced telemarketing: more time to focus on what you actually do. Still, it is best to not leave them in the dark. Informing them about your social media discoveries comes with the responsibility of actually sharing proof that your prospects actually expressed a need. This will help your telemarketers get their foot in the door. 
This all goes back to the simple fact that outsourcing is a two-way street. You need to share some necessary information in order for them to deliver exactly the kind of leads you want. Another simple fact this also recalls is the need for adequate qualification. Responding to posts on social media can only get you so far. And for you all you know, you could even be responding to a prospect who's posting the request under a different alias.

Whether or not that is a good practice, it is still a reality. That is why close collaboration means more transparency and sharing enough information before marketing. You don't want them giving calls to your prospects completely without a clue. They may be cold calling experts but it's only common courtesy to make things less stressful and inform them of past interactions like social media activities.


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