Thursday, April 25, 2013

Multiple Sales Leads - A Web Of Two-Way Streets

Generating accounting sales leads for tax consulting firm can be like spinning a web. It gets annoying though when other people see it the same way but negatively add that your sales leads have no sense of targeting.

How A Two-Way Web Of Sales Leads Is No Ordinary Web

Unlike a regular spider's web that is just meant to catch something, your web of sales leads is actually a network. You may spread out your lines and connect at multiple points. (And hence, why some prospects think you cannot make up your mind) That does not mean all those lines will immediately respond.

This is where you get your chance to prove that your sales leads are not just hit in a shotgun style manner. See when it becomes prospect's turn to respond, the strongest one gets the highest priority. The logic is not that complicated. Why would you go for the business that is not most interested first? Do not forget the following facts about sales leads:

  • Interest is only temporary - Just because you get one (or even two) possible tax consulting leads as a result of interest doesn't mean it will last forever. You have to keep responding to strengthen your connection before qualifying.
  • You will always need plenty of opportunities - You need multiple lines to maintain the web. Just because you failed qualifying one does not mean all hope for sales leads is lost. It is only lost if you cease making those opportunities for your business.
  • There is room for growth - Growth (inside or outside business) is a concept that implies expansion. It does not mean narrowing your process to the point that you are choking your business out of its much needed supply of sales leads. Can you really see your business spending the rest of its existence serving only the same elected few?
So as you can see, spreading out a network with a lot of possible sales leads is by not always a sign that your business is indecisive about its market and has poor targeting. Your B2B lead generation strategy simply finds it more efficient to contact multiple prospects so you will have more chances (and more reasons to hope) at least one or two will show mutual interest.


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