Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Turning Down Software Leads That Cannot Provide

People value software leads so much these days that they lose sight of what it means to target and qualify them. Their lead generation campaigns just churn and churn with hardly anything remotely resembling qualification standards. You should not forget that your prospects simply respond in a two-way interaction. You should not just measure your efforts to attract but also measure the quality of the responses you are getting.

Why Your Sales Leads Require More From Prospect

Imagine your software business is like a craftsman. You create special tools made from rare metals or from the parts of dangerous creatures. Your sales leads represent those items needed. However, many of those who come to you think it is only enough to just hand you some gold but never realizing how difficult it is for you to acquire the materials necessary as well.
On the other hand, you have every right to fear their complaints. So how do you qualify sales leads but at the same time ask them for a little more than just the promise of payment?

  • Emphasize the value of the process – Your software leads, say for example medical software leads or manufacturing management leads, do more than just tell if a prospect has the money to spare or the time to wait. They can help you familiarize yourself with a prospect so that processes like software implementations go smoothly. If your sales leads are so valuable, you should know what makes them more valuable and that means going beyond the basics.
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  • Learn to exhibit – Your marketing materials will not attract sufficient sales leads if you cannot convince skeptical prospects that the process alone already consumes your resources. Doing that requires a bit of exhibition. If you have current clients willing to testify for you, let them refer you! When you create the best, you should only deserve the best software sales leads.
  • Use facts to prove difficulty – It is natural for you to take pride in doing something only you can do. However, make sure that does not make you resort to underhanded means to prove that you are the only capable of processing sales leads and gaining insight on your prospect. Instead, it is simply the truth of your ability. You can even go so far as to wish for a competitor to challenge your monopoly.
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An intriguing thing about business software is just one of those complicated products that require expertise that is separate from the expertise needed to gather the components. Sales leads by themselves are not even just the only thing prospects would soon have to provide. On the other hand, if these sales leads alone are hard enough for them to send through software lead generation process, then you will benefit from turning them down.


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