Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sales Leads From Prospects You May Not Believe

Getting sales leads for auto insurance sounds easy if you know which industries are likely to need it (in this case, industries that make heavy use of automobiles). However, one reason could prove to be a very persistent obstacle to those sales leads. These are the prospects who sincerely believe you will not cover them because they know you will not believe them in turn!  

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When Sales Leads Are Blocked By Mutual Disbelief 

It all goes back to that line that your insurance company is not going to believe the reasons behind the accidents, the damages etc. Now while there are complications to worry about for both ends, they will not resolve unless you actually know that reason. This is why sales leads are often wasted because your business is too uneasy about knowing that very reason. Why do you not ask? At the very least, it lets you qualify/disqualify your B2B leads faster.   
  • They are unconventional – There will always be interesting businesses who have the most intriguing uses for vehicles. This is what happens when your sales leads target the highly niche ones. On the other hand, their unconventional use could only be a distraction and are unrelated to anything pertaining to your coverage. Review that coverage again because your prospect could just be under a misconception!
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  • They are secretive – Secrecy will always be a sure guard against getting sales leads. However, know that this guard can come at the cost of any business’ overall image. If your prospect’s vehicle-based business is not keen on describing what they do, it is not just you. It means they hide that fact from everyone. You may not get your auto insurance sales leads but that would definitely make them something the public would keep close watch on. 
  • They can change your business – This can actually come from prospects who initially give you reasons that disqualify them from your sales leads. That does not mean you cannot try again. Look to the seemingly bizarre reason behind their heavy (and even destructive use) of vehicles. Generating sales leads is not just about generating present opportunities but also future opportunities to offer something more niche yourself!
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Generating sales leads means establishing trust. That trust cannot foster when neither party is willing to give any reason regarding the possibility of a business relationship. Generate auto insurance leads by getting to those reasons and whether or not you will really believe the    


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