Friday, November 16, 2012

Lead Generation & You – Ways to Generate Leads

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If you're a newbie marketer who's looking for some helpful information about how to perform lead generation to get results fast, then you've come to the wrong place! If you are looking for a quick fix, then this post is definitely not going to answer your prayers. Why? That's because lead generation is not something you can just do overnight and expect to have a full list of leads to work with the next morning (although maybe some have done it). Generating good leads takes time. If time is something you don't have, then you'd best be on your way in search of more information. If you can be patient however, keep reading.

While we're talking about patience, allow me to say that it is a key learning when it comes to lead generation. You cannot hope to be an effective lead generator if you can't learn to wait. So now that you've read thus far, and in a way have been waiting for us to get to those tips you are looking for, we'll finally get to talking about the different ways in which a newbie marketer like you (or maybe not a newbie but just browsing around) can do lead generation for business to business leads.

So now brace yourselves! Lead generation tips are coming (forgive the lame meme)!

Lead generation through B2B telemarketing.

The first way with which you can do lead generation that we will talk about is telemarketing. Sure, we have other methods out there but telemarketing serves to be a classic and is still favored my many marketers the world over.

Telemarketing is valued for its ability to bridge the distance between you and your prospect, as well as allowing you communicate with them in real-time. Communicating with your prospect is an important part of lead generation. As such, the use of the phone still holds a special place in the hearts of marketers with the task of generating leads.

Lead generation through email marketing.

The next way to generate leads with which we will talk about is email marketing. Now, emails are sent through the internet, meaning that without an internet connection you won't even be able to do it. But seeing as every business nowadays is incorporating tech into how they run, we can safely assume that your prospects will be people who can receive emails from you.

So how do you generate business to business leads through email marketing? Well, first it all starts with you coming up with a good subject line which you think encompasses what your message is about. Next, your message should be composed of your offer. We won't go into detail about creating a good marketing email here since there are far better posts out there for you to brush up on. Basically though, this is what email marketing is about: sending marketing offers to your clients through the use of email.

Lead generation through content marketing.

Although not new to how you can do lead generation, many marketers and lead generation companies are beginning to see the value that content plays in helping them get more leads. Well, this can also stem from the reason that search engines such as Google put a priority on high-quality content nowadays when search engine users look for information.

Content marketing is about creating high-quality and meaty content which you can showcase to your prospects. This can come in the guise of the resources you have on your website, such as your landing pages, or through articles and blog posts. Why, even videos and other related media can be part of how you can do content marketing. Content marketing is often used to generate more traffic to websites, mostly by businesses that keep a blog to regularly provide their readers and clients with fresh content to keep them updated or to help answer issues they may be having. When on social media, content is also a key part of lead generation as meatier and more relevant content increases the chances of converting connections into leads.

And there you have it: three different ways through which lead generation is done. So, which one is to your liking? Pick one and find out what works best for you!


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