Friday, January 4, 2013

Finding the Right Marketing Mix for Lead Generation

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Having the right marketing mix will help any company to do better in lead generation. And when a business is doing well in terms of lead acquisition then we can expect to be making a large sum of profit. Of course, when you have plenty of leads to work with the chances of closing a sale are far higher. The question now is... what is the right marketing mix?

Marketers that are new to the game will not know so much about what needs to be done to help their companies they work for in terms of marketing their products and services as well as in lead generation. But with a little research here and there, even a newbie marketer will learn a thing or two about how to generate sales leads for their business and eventually will be able to come up with the right marketing mix.

What is the right marketing mix for your business?

You can ask yourself this question a hundred times over and you still wouldn't have the answer... unless of course you've already figured it out long before you stumbled across this post. Why is it that newbie marketers and business owners cannot easily answer this question? The answer is because they are just starting out and have a lot to learn.

What should you do to find the right marketing mix?

What you need to do to figure out the right marketing mix for your business is to plan, test and assess results. How else would you know if something is going to work, right? If you want to be able to turn your marketing campaign into a lead generation machine, then you are really going to have to invest time into learning what works and what doesn't.

To help you out with finding the right mix for lead generation, here are a two ideas:

  • Try the email and call approach – A lot of marketers are now using email marketing to generate business to business leads for their businesses nowadays. Also, a lot of marketers still use telemarketing in generating leads. What you can do is to combine these two marketing tactics to help you in finding new prospects. Send your prospects an email. If the response is positive, follow up with a call – simple as that!

  • Try creating content to build an email list to use in email marketing – Content marketing is great in that it helps establish your credibility and authenticity as a company as well as solidifies your authority on a certain subject matter. What it also does though is attract readers, some of which who may just subscribe to your blog. Once you have their email addresses, you can create an email list and start marketing to them.

The right marketing mix for lead generation may seem hard to discover, however, is doable when your marketing team has plenty of ideas to put to the test. Remember to plan, test and assess your marketing mix to see if it works in helping your lead generation tactics for your business.


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