Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Telemarketing Your Ad Services, No Sneak Attacks

Many of those in the wrong side of the telemarketing industry have a terrible habit of making sneak attacks on their prospects. Hence, both critics and bad users should alike should not complain when they get what the perceive is the typical results that the telemarketing industry is getting nowadays.

Sneak Attacks Are Exclusive To Direct Methods Like Telemarketing

In advertising, your goal is not really one potential customer but a particular group of them all bearing the same traits. This can be akin to either a wide-area or simultaneous attack. With that said, it is understandable that you may not see how outbound telemarketing has attributes that enable sneak attacks more easily.

More than that, you could even require a bit of telemarketing assistance yourself because it is the only way you get to reach your own target advertising leads or marketing leads. Qualifying business owners require precision and persistence. If you are in great need of a chance to prove the quality of your advertising services, you will most likely need a direct approach and less of a mass appeal.

That does not mean you should use telemarketing tactics that pull sneak attacks on them. But before that, here is the following list of traits that define a move as a 'sneak attack'.

  • The element of surprise – The first (and most obvious) sign of a sneak attack is the element of surprise. The prospect has completely no idea about your business and so quickly expect them to start raising their guard during the call. Instead, you should really consider ways to include other methods to supplement your B2B telemarketing lead generation strategy. It helps to use them to generate permission before any sale.

  • It corners a prospect – Sure some prospects are more 'vulnerable' when caught by surprise. However, do not be fooled that just because this type of telemarketing approach got you a closed deal it means it will lead to customer satisfaction. On the contrary, your prospect may have just resigned themselves to the corner because you gave them a deal they were too pressured to refuse.

  • You become too direct – Being direct in telemarketing is one thing. It is another when you amplify too much that your prospect ends up either overwhelmed or they shut you out in turn. That may have worked in some ads where catching attention is effective. It will not work when it is just you and a single prospect.

And when you think about, one of the finer concepts of advertising runs counter to the idea of a sneak attack. You are not trying to be too direct anyways when you are actually working the field for prospects. Sometimes you get suggestions to outsource telemarketing for others so that you can focus on that since it is what you do best. But whether you actually choose to or employ telemarketing yourself, you must never resort to sneak attacks.


Nani Eng said...

yeah while Telemarketing an Ad about any service we should not make Sneak Attacks.. Many of them usually follow it for immediate results which are not valid...Telemarketing Services

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