Friday, March 15, 2013

Appointment Setting Tips – Understand Why Schedules Change

Flexibility is very important for any appointment setting strategy regardless of what tools you use or what industry it represents. In tax consulting for example, it is quite normal in the business world to make changes in a consulting schedule whether the request is done by phone, email, or even via an automated application. Hence, your appointment setting strategy must get ready to stretch itself really well in order to keep up.

Questions Normally Asked By A Flexible Appointment Setting Strategy

This does not mean that it will be easy to adapt your appointment setting to prepare for occasional rescheduling. Plenty of people, from business owners to regular citizens, have reasons to put off at a later date or request a consulting appointment much earlier than planned. So if you do not want those reasons to complicate your appointment setting process, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How easy would it be to change? - Scheduling is a precision task. You do not just put every prospect into any available slot. The strategic element in appointment setting is not just limited to marketing for tax consulting leads. Knowing how easy it would be to change a schedule can actually tell you whether to avoid pestering a prospect with questions or to ask for more details.

  • How work-related is it? - If you find that the reasons really sound too personal, then yes you should give a prospect some space. You do not want a pushy marketing image coming out of your lead generation strategy. In contrast, you might need to get more and more details if the reasons are not just work-related but related to your own work as well.

  • How important is this appointment? - Ideally, every lead qualified by your appointment setting services have equal importance. But realistically speaking, some prospects could represent something critical. In fact, money does not have to be the issue for why you deem some prospects in more need of your time. For example, you might be currently collaborating with a prospect to solve an especially hard problem.

Like time itself, do not underestimate a business schedule's tendency to change. Understanding the nature of that change is they key to keeping things in your appointment setting campaign under your control. Start paying more attention to the details in your sales lead generation process to prepare for those sudden changes.


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