Friday, March 1, 2013

Nurturing Sales Leads – Lessons From God Of War

If you are adopting a strategy for nurturing sales leads, the God of War game series has a surprising lesson or two. See, as a tax consulting firm, you first begin the process of generating sales leads in the same way the gods of the game strike agreements with mortals. The lessons actually lie in the mistakes these gods made when they simply toy around with these agreements instead of nurturing them.

A List Of Olympian Mistakes When Nurturing Sales Leads

Ares may have been the first god Kratos struck a bargain with but he was not the only one who had crossed Kratos (and eventually paid the price with their lives). You must avoid treating your sales leads the same way or else one day, one of them might come back with a fatal reckoning laid out for you.

  • Do not trick them in exchange for success – The first mistake was when Ares agreed to help Kratos but it was never specified at what cost. When you are nurturing your sales leads, you should be up front with your pricing. Do not pull the wool over your prospect's eyes and lead them on. It was under similar circumstances that Ares tricked Kratos to killing his own family just for the sake of 'perfecting him.'

  • Do not make false promises – Knowing he had been tricked, Kratos forsook Ares and tried to serve the other gods to atone. They, however, used him no differently. When you acquire tax consulting leads, know that prospects come to you help them with a problem. Your business should not keep looking for more sales leads without actually showing customers they are getting what they paid for.

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  • Do not offer insufficient compensation – The gods failed to live up to their end of the bargain. But instead of simply humbling themselves, they presumed making Kratos the new God of War would be enough compensation. Alas, it was not. Do not take the same risks with your sales leads. You only make things worse by stalling a prospect's woes with weak alternatives instead of dealing with their main problem.

  • Do not try and eliminate them – Then again, you could do worse. You could have done what Zeus did and rid yourself of your qualified sales leads because you felt they were being 'too dangerous' to keep doing business with. What is worse for you though is that an unhappy customer is better than a vengeful one. The last thing you do when you dig yourself into a hole is to dig deeper.

If you think Kratos represents the last type of business you want among your sales leads, guess what? Sales leads like that do not make themselves. They are what happens when businesses like yours assume that nurturing sales leads is synonymous with manipulating them. They will not forget, much less forgive.

No matter how many sales leads you acquire with your appointment setting services, know that each one represents a business relationship that can last far into the future.


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