Friday, February 15, 2013

Unhappy Customers – The Key to Better Software Lead Generation

Selling business software can become a very lucrative practice... that is if people wanted to buy your product in the first place. One reason as to why you aren't getting back your old customers, as well as to why your lead generation campaign may be failing, is because of unhappy customers.

It's a fact of life that you just can't please everyone; some people just can't be happy with what they have, either that or have a perfectly good reason for their sentiments. But when that unhappiness and dissatisfaction stems from a piece of software you just willingly parted with your money for, it's kind of hard to say that you're unhappy and dissatisfied “just because”.

There are usually perfectly good reasons behind why a customer could be unhappy with your software, be it medical software, scm software, accounting software or manufacturing management software. For all we know your product could be wrecking havoc upon their systems! In their negative sentiments, however, lay the key to helping you achieve a much more effective software lead generation program for your business.

Wait, isn't it wrong to benefit from other people's misfortune? Well, it wouldn't exactly be bad if you'd be able to fix what's wrong and generate more leads in the process, right?

Collecting feedback from your unhappy customers helps fix your problems.

Ever had a bad review written about your product? Something alone the lines of “totally not worth the money”, or maybe even “tore our systems apart”. Well, we hope the latter doesn't actually happen, but all of the negative feedback you get about your software serves as a lesson for you – the issues concerning your product which require immediate attention and thus pump out solutions.

Your development team may soon get a brain aneurysm just trying to figure out what's wrong with your program. But who better to learn the answer from than from your customers who're exploring your software like they would the Mariana's Trench with a submarine. Eventually you'll be getting some calls and that's your queue to learn what's really wrong and start getting those fixes in.

How does it help with generating more software leads?

What business man would buy software that has been known to not work? It's obviously a bad investment to make such a purchase just to see if you would be lucky enough to get it to work properly for your business. Learning from your unhappy customers though, you'll be able to move a step further into creating a better product, thus increasing your chances of attracting interested prospects and generating software sales leads.

Learning from your mistakes is also important. Your customers may be unhappy with your product right now, but you willing to act to rectify the issue at hand will signal to them that you are indeed a professional and one that is willing to take steps to fixing what's wrong. You could say that such customer service would add up to your customer's entire experience with your software company. If all goes well, you could turn that frown upside and have repeat customers, all the while attracting new ones.

Learning how to attract new customers isn't exactly rocket science – that means it's not as difficult as it seems. And as human beings we're known to be able to learn from our mistakes, and that means learning from our unhappy customers as well. Take advantage of your customer's woes in order to achieve a better software lead generation program!


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