Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Buying Software Sales Leads Worth the Costs?

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As a software company, you may have engaged in various methods of marketing your products and services. One of these is in doing lead generation to get more software sales leads. Unfortunately though, not everyone can hope to be successful when it comes to generating business leads, and eventually a campaign can end up failing.

A failing lead generation campaign is obviously not a good thing. If such a program was your only way of getting leads then you are seriously going to have to find a way to either fix your campaign or secure another method of acquiring leads. Often enough though, many businesses just choose to buy leads instead.

Not that many put their faith in buying leads from third parties though. Business owners can be quite skeptical when it comes to the quality of leads generated by people other than the ones working for their own firm. As a software business, however, you cannot always afford to question the quality of each lead that could potentially mean a sale for you.

The question still remains though – is it worth it to buy pre-qualified software sales leads? Is turning to an outside provider, a telemarketing or email marketing company perhaps, as a lead source not something you are going to regret? Let’s help answer that.

Is buying software sales leads worth it?

The question above may be something you really want an answer to. However, that is something which you need to find out for yourself and not just be able to learn from reading a post such as this. The only true way to see whether or not buying leads for your benefit is worth it is to take action and give it a try. 
  • What type of leads should I buy? Good question. Some businesses make the error of just buying more and more leads without thinking about how their purchases are going to affect them. Since you are a software company, you will want to buy software sales leads. These are targeted sales leads, like medical software leads or SAP sales leads, that will help your company and others within the software industry find prospects interested in software products and services. 
  • Will targeted software sales leads be enough? Another good question, and the answer will sometimes be no. If you are willing to spend money to get new leads then at least go for the best bang for your buck. Targeted sales leads are good, but pre-qualified and targeted leads are even better. Pre-qualified leads will be leads that meet any criteria you have before dealing with a certain prospect, such as their budget, company size, annual revenue – all such data to help you identify a good customer. 

  • Is it worth passing over a lead generation campaign? Just because you can buy software sales leads does not mean that you can completely pass up on doing software sales lead generation. If your campaign just doesn’t meet production, buying leads is a good way to supplement your current campaign. Also, your very own lead generation campaign serves to help promote your products and services. You will still need your own campaign to generate leads. 

So is buying leads really worth the costs? Well, that can be answered by your sales team if they are able to convert those leads into sales. It is all up to you to realize if buying software sales leads for your software business is worth it or not.


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