Monday, February 25, 2013

Lead Generation Tips – Know When Flashing Big Brands Fails

In lead generation, you appeal to a prospect's interests in the hopes that they will take interest in your merchant or credit card processing services. That does not always have to involve flashing the brand names of big business clients you had previously served. Are you wondering how such a fool-proof lead generation tactic could fail with your reputation? It is simply because your prospects want results, not rep.

A Lead Generation Strategy That Relies On Rep Does Not Always Translate Into Results For Some Prospects

Of course, there are times when having a lot of recognizable businesses under your belt translates your image into something prospects will find worthy to handle their credit card dealings. That is, however, if your lead generation strategy has always been targeting those who admire those businesses you worked with.

Other times though, you might have lead generation campaigns targeting those with a more sober perspective. They are not impressed by large brands nor do they care about who else you have done work for. Things like referrals somewhat do not translate because:

  • Those brands are not in the same industry – This could be the most obvious but still worth noting. A lead generation strategy that targets, say, retail electronic stores may not be as effective if your credit card processing leads mostly came from fine dining restaurants. Brands in one industry are not always recognizable to the culture of the other.

  • Brands do not mean much where they are – Some businesses only care about catering to local markets. It many not matter how many lead generation campaigns you ran that got you this or that big-name superstore. They want something relatively simpler: how can you make it easier for their customers to pay?

  • It can intimidate than attract – Some prospects see you displaying all those logos and all those whom you have done business with then feel overwhelmed by it all. That is never a good thing for lead generation. You want it to make yourself reachable to prospects.

Flashing big brands during a cash advance lead generation campaign only works when your prospects value reputation as much as you do. Therefore, do not just show all that you have got or all that you have done. In fact, it would be better if the earlier phases of your lead generation process would focus on learning about a prospect's attitude towards brands before launching in full.

To summarize, it is like that game logo quiz. Not every person recognizes the icons on display. But for the ones they do, it can actually be quite a reflection of what kind of reputation matters to them. Then again, there are also those who do not care much for the game at all. Everyone of those can be possible business sales leads for your merchant lead generation campaign.


Donald Lewis said...

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Veronica Aniston said...

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Kellie McNeil said...

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Khushi Tirkey said...

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Shenron Hassan said...

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