Monday, February 11, 2013

Why Patience Matters in Your IT Telemarketing Campaign

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Doing telemarketing is not easy. Making call after call on a daily basis, although it seems quite simple, is actually a very grueling task. Those that want to become telemarketers go through much training and as the process goes on those that are not good fits for the job of cold calling are weeded out.

Lead generation through cold calling is actually not a job for the faint of heart. In a world where rejection is commonplace and stress can fill up your day, it is not a wonder why some telemarketing professionals are held in the highest for being good at what they do: generating leads through making phone calls.

So as an IT company, do you think you have what it takes to have your very own IT telemarketing program? Do you think your team is ready to take on the task of generating new business leads?

Well, if you do think your team is up to the task then you should know that one trait that every successful telemarketer should have is patience. In fact, patient telemarketers are among the best people you can have as part of your inside sales force.

Here’s why patience matters to your team and in your campaign:

Patient telemarketers understand that goals take time to achieve.

One bad habit to have in being a professional telemarketer is expecting that you meet your goals early. In telemarketing, goals are never met at day one – for example, generating IT sales leads is a process and it would probably take numerous calls to a prospect before they warm up to you. Patient telemarketers understand that goals take time to achieve and will know the best way to deal with prospects and understand the lead generation process more.

Patient telemarketers don’t push for sales – better interaction with prospects.

How your telemarketers interact with your prospects throughout the course of your telemarketing campaign is a very important factor to your program’s success. Telemarketers that understand what it means to be patient know that business decisions take time. Instead of pushing for sales upon the first call, telemarketers that are patient are the ones that would rather establish rapport and start building the foundations of a relationship with your target prospects.

Patient telemarketers plan ahead.

Those who leap before the look often end up making mistakes and getting in way over their heads. Those that are patient on the other hand are the ones that understand that it is best to take some time and craft an effective strategy to help with generating new business leads. For example, appointment setting is a part of cold calling that requires that you know all there is to know about your prospects in order to sound credible as a telemarketer. Not planning ahead and not getting all of your data together may just have you going into the call unprepared and losing the chance at setting an appointment with your prospect.

Patience is a value that plays a big role not just in outbound telemarketing but in all aspects of your IT services lead generation campaign. Think about it: you are marketing information technology services. Your prospects are going to have to think about such a heavy decision before making any say on the matter. As such, you would do well to know the value of patience plays in your IT telemarketing campaign and lead generation program altogether.


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