Monday, February 25, 2013

Lead Generation Tips – Know When Flashing Big Brands Fails

In lead generation, you appeal to a prospect's interests in the hopes that they will take interest in your merchant or credit card processing services. That does not always have to involve flashing the brand names of big business clients you had previously served. Are you wondering how such a fool-proof lead generation tactic could fail with your reputation? It is simply because your prospects want results, not rep.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

You & Your Outbound Telemarketing Budget

Having your very own marketing campaign is something that be at the top of your to-do list. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to promote your company’s products and services, thus you won’t be able to make more sales. One thing you need to do before you can launch a campaign is plan, and even in the planning phase you are going to need to have a budget ready. So when it comes to something like telemarketing, how should you optimize your budget?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lead Generation Tips – Generating & Handling Your Leads

Businesses that do not have their own lead generation programs will soon find that their office phones aren't going to be as busy as they used to be. What are we getting at here? Well, it simply means that no clients are calling. And what business would want that?

One other thing that some companies have a problem with is how to handle the leads they generate from their marketing campaign. When a lead comes in you can't just reply with an email, and neither could you give your prospect a call if they didn't even give you their number. As such, some companies also have problems in handling their business leads.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Unhappy Customers – The Key to Better Software Lead Generation

Selling business software can become a very lucrative practice... that is if people wanted to buy your product in the first place. One reason as to why you aren't getting back your old customers, as well as to why your lead generation campaign may be failing, is because of unhappy customers.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Telemarketing Those Who Also Use Telemarketers

Believe it or not but it is not completely unusual for a company to use outbound telemarketing to find itself also encountering another company who employs telemarketers. Some people might find it awkward or ironic but the truth is that telemarketing another telemarketer is simply another lead generation challenge.

It just so happens that your prospect is using the same marketing tool you are using.

Telemarketing VS Telemarketing?

Think of this situation as the big business equivalent to having common preferences with another player in a video game. It can be like having a similar build, similar weapon, or similar choice of character. But despite how you both seem to prefer telemarketing as the method of choice, there are still differences between you.

  • Different industry – Continuing with the game analogy, being of the same race or class in a role playing game hardly eliminates all room for variations. For telemarketing, that variation comes from having the same type of marketer but representing different industries. On one hand, your telemarketers call to talk tax problems to attract tax consulting leads while your prospects comprise of healthcare businesses.

  • Different telemarketing style – Telemarketing can be like the katana. Samurai types may duel using that same weapon but that does not mean they do not have their own original style of wielding it. Your prospect's telemarketers might prefer receiving and responding while you prefer a more aggressive, outbound approach. Using the phone hardly means you are unoriginal.
  • Different purpose – Sometimes they have an outbound call center but do not use it for marketing at all! Sure they use the phone but then again, so does customer support. When it comes to game weapons, many can be used for defense as much as offense. In fact, look at real life basketball. It is not like no player has ever only gone for one.

  • Different markets – Different industries also imply different target markets. Your prospect may be one of those who still use telemarketing services to engage consumers while you are the type of tax consulting firm that is strictly B2B. Everything from pitches to the sales process itself will have significant differences because of the responses they will generate.

On the bright side, having the same approach does establish a certain level of common ground. Just to be safe though, never be too assuming of anything about your prospect just because the both of your use telemarketing to generate sales leads. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Why Patience Matters in Your IT Telemarketing Campaign

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Doing telemarketing is not easy. Making call after call on a daily basis, although it seems quite simple, is actually a very grueling task. Those that want to become telemarketers go through much training and as the process goes on those that are not good fits for the job of cold calling are weeded out.

Lead generation through cold calling is actually not a job for the faint of heart. In a world where rejection is commonplace and stress can fill up your day, it is not a wonder why some telemarketing professionals are held in the highest for being good at what they do: generating leads through making phone calls.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Buying Software Sales Leads Worth the Costs?

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As a software company, you may have engaged in various methods of marketing your products and services. One of these is in doing lead generation to get more software sales leads. Unfortunately though, not everyone can hope to be successful when it comes to generating business leads, and eventually a campaign can end up failing.

A failing lead generation campaign is obviously not a good thing. If such a program was your only way of getting leads then you are seriously going to have to find a way to either fix your campaign or secure another method of acquiring leads. Often enough though, many businesses just choose to buy leads instead.